Sterrad 100nx service manual pdf

Installation Requirements and Product Specifications. Press OK to close the screen. The transition to terminal sterilization requires learning new procedures, and ASP is committed to making your experience as seamless as possible. It is not necessary to possess this manual to perform the required service for the. Please contact the medical device manufacturer for more information on what can be processed in the STERRAD 100NX Sterilizer.

Its unique features include:. STERRAD® 100NX® AND NX® SYSTEMS TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS Thank you for choosing a STERRAD® System. Press Stop in the Service status fi eld b.

The STERRAD® NX™ Sterilization System is a general purpose, low temperature sterilizer which uses the STERRAD NX Process to inactivate microorganisms on a broad range of medical devices and surgical instruments. Designed with the Next Generation technology, the STERRAD ® 100NX System is the most. The sterilizer has the same footprint as the STERRAD® 100S System but stands 4. Technical product information. It is the only sterilization platform with integrated quality control features, which may enhance compliance*.

Sterrad 100nx service manual pdf. Service access requires a minimum clearance of 24 inches ( 61 cm) above the top and 8 inches on each side of the system. A switch from manual reprocessing to reliable, high- level disinfection with automated consistency. Additional Documentation There is an additional STERRAD 100 Sterilizer manual designed for use by the operator. View and Download ASP Sterrad 100NX user manual online.

One of the primary benefits of the STERRAD ® 100NX and STERRAD NX Systems are their ease of use. Sterrad 100NX Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download. The System Messages section may be the most valuable section for you. This service guide is designed to provide you with complete information needed to service the STERRAD® 100 Sterilizer and the STERRAD 100 S Sterilizer. Prior to processing flexible endoscopes in the STERRAD 100NX Sterilizer, you must read, understand, and follow the medical device manufacturer' s instructions for use for the particular scope to be processed. Scroll down the menu options and double click on Windows Firewall.

Sterilization system. This sterilizer offers an effective, safe, fast, economical, easy to use, reliable, and flexible sterilization method. Press Stop in the Service status fi eld. The system should not be placed closer than 2 inches from the rear wall.

STERRAD ® 100NX ALLClear™ Technology has the ability to minimize workflow interruptions before they occur. It contains all the messages generated by the system ( more or less in alphabetical order). It provides day- to- day operational information and safety procedures.